Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Plan

So last week I told you about the list and not putting things off till tomorrow. This week I give mention to the plan. The plan has emerged directly from the list. The list was just the stepping stone.

The first few days of the list filled me with a great passion and I did things that I had been putting off for ages. Andi was still hanging about like annoying step-child and kept dragging me along to buy paint and mirrors and the like (I secretly enjoy this but don’t tell him, I might need favours in the future) so I put him to good use. I decided finally after all this time, it was time to get rid of Buffy. Yes, my Buffy VHS collection was going to dust. I must state here, I did buy Buffy the complete series on DVD box set some months ago so, never fear, I am not Buffy-less, but it was time I got rid of my mixture of taped off TV Buffy videos and bought VHS box sets.

For those of you who don’t know, Buffy was a popular teen fantasy drama that lasted for 7 seasons starring Sarah Michelle Geller. It was pivotal in re-starting the popular media interest in vampire lore and was also the first main stream TV series to have a strong female main character and mainly female supporting cast. It was shown very late on BBC2 and my passion for it could not wait for this to happen. Also BBC2 edited the crap out of it too; I mean sentences just cut off mid way through- intolerable. Now fortunately for me, I had two lovely neighbours the Crombies in my old (now sold) family home. They had Sky television and every Thursday/Friday night for over 5 years they either allowed me to come over and watch Buffy; if they were out they set the tape up for me or gave me the keys to their house so I could watch it in their absence. I know, amazing kindness to a desperate teen. However it didn’t stop there. When I finally went to university, they continued to tape it for until finally series 7 finished and they were released of their obligation to me. What lovely people, shout out to them.

Anyway, so the point of that little homage was that I had kept all these tapes for all these years, but as we know VHS is dead, long live DVD, so I have upgraded. Thus the Buffy tapes had to go. My landlady wife was on nights last week and was trying my darnedest to be quiet during the day so she could sleep in peace. I keep my Buffy videos on top of my wardrobe in a plastic box. It’s a high wardrobe that required me to stand on a chair and hand the box to an expectant Andi. Unfortunately, as I passed it to him the box completely disintegrated on his head and Buffy videos went flying everywhere crashing to the ground in a most alarming manner. I froze- had we woken my wife?! No. Phew. And fortunately, Andi was still conscious. I like to think of this as the Buffy videos final hoorah, a silent, but spectacular assault on an oppressive male (well, sometimes he tells me I look like I’ve not got any make-up on when I do just to annoy me; so not oppressive, but a bit annoying). Goodbye Buffy VHS, I loved you so.

Wow, that was far too much about Buffy. I think have a Buffy problem. I need to go to Buffy-holics anonymous. Oh, dear lord stop!

So the plan. Yes, the plan emerged from the list. The list was working well, but soon it began to take a life of its own requiring appendages and notes all over the edges. This was not orderly, so I came up with the plan. The plan is a list of ultimate goals and things I’m working toward. I cannot do all the things in the plan straight away so I write a daily list from the plan using it as a reference to keep me on track. Clear now?

I could tell you about the plan, but I think I’ve bored you enough with the Buffy story so suffice to say there is a plan and hopefully something will come of it.

Hmm, I feel this a particularly boring blog entry, but I’ve written it now and feel it would be wasteful to delete it so like it or lump it that’s what you are getting this week. It’s finally happened. The unemployment has won, I now officially have nothing to say, dullness has enveloped me entirely, the ‘fun’ part of day is watching an amusing clip on YouTube, getting a bargain in pound stretcher or seeing a minor celebrity in John Lewis – that was on Sunday last; Angus Purden famed for being the face of the Postcode lottery on STV and also one of the hosts of Cash in the Attic. He was wearing a blue puffa jacket and was looking at kitchen appliances.

Oh, heaven help me why do I know that?! Please, someone, give me a job!

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